XREX User Legal Agreements

Last Updated: March 12, 2024

Welcome to XREX!

These XREX User Legal Agreements cover all terms and conditions, privacy policies, and service conditions for our worldwide users in specific jurisdictions. For Taiwan account holders, our services are governed by the XREX Taiwan 使用者條款 (including XREX Taiwan 隱私權政策 and Addenda). For non-Taiwan account holders, our services operate under the XREX General Terms and Conditions (including BitCheck Service Agreement, XREX Crypto Loans and Margin Trading Service Agreement, XREX Anti-Money Laundering and Platform Rules, and XREX Privacy and Cookies Policy).

Please read the XREX User Legal Agreements carefully before creating your account. By using any of our Services, you agree to be bound by the applicable XREX User Legal Agreements.

XREX User Legal Agreements 涵蓋了我們全球使用者在其管轄地的所有條款和條件、隱私政策和服務條件。對於臺灣平台的使用者,我們的服務受 XREX Taiwan 使用者條款(包括 XREX Taiwan 隱私權政策 和附加條款)的管轄。對於臺灣以外的平台使用者,我們的服務將遵循 XREX General Terms and Conditions(包括 BitCheck Service AgreementXREX Crypto Loans and Margin Trading Service Agreement XREX Anti-Money Laundering and Platform RulesXREX Privacy and Cookies Policy)。

在建立您的 XREX 帳戶之前,請仔細閱讀 XREX User Legal Agreements。使用我們的任何功能與服務,即代表您同意受到相關適用的 XREX User Legal Agreements 的約束。

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